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Pj Kwong, aka The Boss, is a compulsive content creator who happens to love alliteration. The idea for The Content Store started to take shape quite a few years ago as Pj discovered her ability to share stories through writing, podcasts and videos. Initially aimed at amusing her friends and family, these skills became highly sought after, and have led to a 12-year and counting stint with CBC Sports as a figure skating writer, social media voice, podcaster and occasional commentator.


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The Content Store’s tag line is Custom.Cool.Creative. In truth, there should be another couple of ‘C’ words: Client Collaboration. We could also include Comfortable. The best stores have a ‘customer is always right’ philosophy which The Content Store shares.

Shopping for what you want is half the fun; especially knowing that you will get the help you need from our personal content shoppers in making your selections. We have content in all shapes and sizes to suit any budget. If you can dream it, we can likely produce/source/find it.

Contact us for a free consultation and we’ll bring the coffee and the treats! ☕️🍪


Creating a boutique agency that would allow for the client to be in control of what, where and how much content was appealing to Pj. Up until 2018, the clients and the projects were on a freelance basis, but it felt like the right time to build the framework for a virtual store. Assembling a group of like-minded content professionals meant that there was no project too large or too small for The Content Store to handle.

Getting to the heart of what a client wants to say and finding the right words to say it, is like putting in the last piece in a 1000-piece puzzle. Sooooo satisfying and bordering on fun.

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